Effective enrichment

We’re all for recycling and reusing here at DZG as empty cardboard boxes and tubes provided fun enrichment for our rainbow lorikeets and roul roul partridges.

Senior Keeper Rachel Marsden filled the boxes with mealworms and seeds, before leaving them to be discovered around the floor of our walkthrough Lorikeet Lookout exhibit

Rachel said: “The birds were quick to spot the enrichment and the lorikeets were sticking their heads right inside the boxes to get to the treats, while the roul rouls waited patiently for any bits they had missed.”

In the wild, partridges are often found feeding on dropped food fragments.

Lorikeet Lookout is open everyday from 11am, where visitors can feed our free-flying birds from pots of nectar.

Also in the exhibit visitors can see azara’s agoutis, white throated monitor lizards, red-eared terrapins and koi karp.