Eats shoots and leaves!

Bamboo grown at DZG is providing a tasty treat for several species across the site.



Keepers have been cultivating shoots across the 40-acre gardens to supplement the diet of many of the rare animals within the collection.


The latest harvest went down a treat with Tibetan red pandas, Bornean orang utans and chimpanzees, as there’s nothing quite like the taste of homegrown produce!

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Bamboo is a relatively easy and quick crop to grow and makes the site look attractive as well as supplying a foodstuff for many of the mammals.”


“Our annual food bill is around £105,000, and it’s increasing all the time.

“We have to find those funds regardless of how many visitors come through our gates so anything we can do to reduce costs is very helpful.”

She added: “We’ve got plenty of space to grow the bamboo and it’s an interesting addition to the existing traditional landscape planting around the enclosures.

“It’s also a very quick crop to grow, which is just as well as the great apes love the stuff!”

Trainee keeper Shaun Crompton cuts bamboo from the Lar gibbon enclosure then helps Team Leader Lower Primates Nicola Wright distribute it around the chimps’ enclosure where it’s enjoyed by our seven female chimpanzees.