Chimps net new gift!

DZG’s seven chimpanzees have netted a new gift, thanks to the generosity of Chester Zoo.

DZG chimps net

Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden returned home with a car load of military cargo lifting nets, following a visit and tour of their primate facilities.

Jodie said: “The keepers told me they’d been donated a number of these large nets, worth £1,000 each for their primates, which are usually used to carry vehicles below military helicopters.

“When they asked if we could use any at DZG I jumped at the chance as I knew they’d be perfect for our chimps and orangutans as climbing aids and hammocks.

“They’re so big and robust and can easily face the force of a great ape.

“It’s also a great example of the zoo community working together, so we’re very grateful to them for thinking of us.”DZG Jodie military net

And keepers got straight to work in the chimp enclosure, adding one to the girls’ outdoor climbing frame.

Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “Banika and Malaika were the first to tackle the new net and were soon climbing up it to reach the top of their frame, which was
















fantastic to watch.

“The rest weren’t too sure of it and they made a lot of hooting noises when they first discovered it as they could see there was something different, but all went over to investigate so I’m sure they’ll all give it a go eventually!”

Watch the chimps explore their new net in the short video clip below…