DZG’s 2016 calendar stars!

DZG is delighted to reveal its new calendar for 2016 – and the 13 talented amateur photographers who made it all possible.

Out of hundreds of entries in our photographic contest, DZG snapper Jason Skarratt – who has spent the last four years producing stunning pictures of some of the world’s rarest animals – selected the winning shots for our 2016 calendar.



FRONT COVER: Simon Brettell, black and white ruffed lemur (shown left); JANUARY Kathryn Willett, Sumatran tigress; FEBRUARY Roger Bowater, Bornean orang utans: MARCH Steve Weaver, meerkat; APRIL Stephen Walters, chimpanzee; MAY Vickie Fellows, Asiatic lioness: JUNE Helen Peoples, flamingo; JULY Natasha Jefferies,? Carpathian lynx; AUGUST Penny Hopkins, bearded dragon; SEPTEMBER Donna Lane, snow leopard; OCTOBER Chris Corbett, Humboldt penguin; NOVEMBER Karen Edwards, yellow-breasted capuchin; DECEMBER Jackie Sinclair, Asiatic short-clawed otters (all shown below).

Marketing Manager Andrea Hales said: “Jason had a very difficult job as standards were incredibly high but we are thrilled with the finished 2016 calendar and we’re sure it will be popular with our visitors.

“The 13 images, one for each month and one for the front cover, offer a glimpse of the wide range of animals we have here at Dudley Zoo.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone who entered the calendar competition and offer our congratulations to the winners on their impressive images.”

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

JANUARY                                                              FEBRUARY

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

MARCH                                                                    APRIL

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

MAY                                                                    JUNE

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

JULY                                                                AUGUST

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

SEPTEMBER                                                      OCTOBER

promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto   promosimonbrettell_lemur_coverphoto

NOVEMBER       &