DZG Wi-Fi goes live

DZG visitors can surf the net for free after our new Wi-Fi zone went live.


Pictured above: Catering manager, Lisa Ward, logs on to the new Wi-Fi in the Queen Mary

The public Wi-Fi can be accessed in the Oak Kitchen at the Queen Mary and around the adjacent picnic area, allowing up to an hour of wireless internet coverage.

DZG IT consultant, Andrew Bessant, said: “We launched the Wi-Fi without any publicity and within three days we’d already had a dozen people use it, so we know it will be a popular addition to the site.”

Users need to search for the public DZG network and enter a name and email address to enable the Wi-Fi connection, which will log out again after 60 minutes.

Why not use the Wi-Fi to catch up on the latest DZG news by visiting our webpage, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, while enjoying a cuppa if you’re visiting over half term?

Sitting pretty!

Have you spotted the new tables and chairs in the Queen Mary?

Sent from Birmingham Library, the latest additions enable 32 extra overs for the restaurant. 

Catering manager, Lisa Ward, said: “They’re fancy glass tables and acrylic chairs that we’ve positioned by the windows. 

“It’s funny to watch as the majority of people tend to head straight for them, so they must be comfortable!”