DZG welcomes Chinese teachers

Chinese teachers on a month-long cultural visit to the Midlands met their favourite species during a bespoke Creature Feature at DZG.


Members of the 14-strong group from the Da Lian region of China took in the special experience at DZG’s Go Wild! Theatre, led by zoo presenter Beckie Iwahashi.

Head of Media and Communications Jill Hitchman, said:?”It was interesting to meet the Da Lian group and hear their views on the UK.

“The trip was arranged by their local Education Bureau and aimed to show delegates a glimpse of British customs and cultures.

“They all had a copy of our quarterly magazine, ZooNooz, and will be receiving future editions to use as teaching aids in China.”

She added:?”They all thoroughly enjoyed their time at DZG and loved the show we put on for them.”

A spokesman for the group said they had very much enjoyed their trip to Dudley Zoo and would take home some happy memories of the day.

he group stayed with Black Country families throughout the four-week long visit, which was organised via Dudley College.

CAPTION: Dudley Zoo Chief Executive, Peter Suddock, welcomes teachers from the Da Lian region of China to the Go Wild! Theatre.