DZG visits Netherton Fun Day

DZG’s face painters were kept busy at Netherton Park Fun Day.

The Outreach Team transformed the faces of dozens of children into their favourite animals, with tigers, giraffes and rabbits and butterflies proving popular choices – prompting a neighbourhood Police Community Support Officer to join the zoo fun!

Here;s a few of the colourful faces they caught on camera . . .

web_alfie_hillman__abbie_botfield_copy      web_alfie_hillman__abbie_botfield_copy 

Abbie Botfield and Alfie Hillman                  Chantel Gordon, Chanel Soley and Phoebe Sidaway

        web_alfie_hillman__abbie_botfield_copy       web_alfie_hillman__abbie_botfield_copy                                               Samuel Sandel                                          Marli and Remaya