DZG scoops prestigious native species award

ian-hughesDZG has scooped prestigious awards from the zoo world in recognition of our pioneering conservation work with endangered native species.

Certificates were presented to DZG’s Native Species Co-ordinator, Ian Hughes, by Chairman of BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums), Simon Tonge, at an awards ceremony at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire.

DZG was among 16 winners chosen from 77 entries in the annual BIAZA awards, which recognise outstanding contributions and achievements in the fields of wildlife conservation, advances in animal welfare and husbandry and sustained breeding programmes.

DZG’s Awards:
Significant contribution to conservation breeding for the Barberry carpet moth breeding project including the success breeding and reintroduction of this species since 1993, plus a Commendation in this category for Operation Triops and the excellent work on the bladybird-spidersreeding and conservation of the tadpole shrimp.

There was also a Special Commendation for promotion of invertebrate conservation for DZG’s work in this field, including Kerry spotted slug, Geomalacus maculosus; fairy shrimp, Chirocephalus diaphanous, mud snail Lymnaea glabra and ladybird spider Eresus sandaliatus.

Best Field Conservation Project for Dudley Castle Moat amphibian sanctuary the conservation of the great crested newt in the DudleyCastle moat plus a Commendation in this category for The Barberry Carpet Moth Conservation Project – barb-carpet-mothfield conservation of this threatened British moth

Commendations were also received for Best Marketing Project: (Trick or Treat: sponsored Hallowe’en walk) and Best Education Project: (Arovako I Madagasikara – Conserve Madagascar: teaching young people about conservation and life in Madagascar).

CAPTION: Native Species Co-ordinator Ian Hughes.