DZG rocks!

Dudley Zoo is joining the nation’s treasure-hunt trend by hiding three beautifully painted rocks around our 40-acre site.

The painted-rock craze, which involves decorating a rock and hiding it in a public place for someone to find, has already gripped some of our visitors.

We’ve discovered some gorgeous ones (pictured above) on the Facebook page ‘Love on the rocks uk (Painting Rocks ~ finding and hiding)’ which have been found at Dudley Zoo.

So now it’s our turn to join in the fun! Our talented in-house graphic designer Rachel Lane has painted two stunning stones with a rabbit and reptile design – and she even roped in her hubby, Stewart, who painted the owl rock.

All three have now been secreted around our site and we hope they bring joy to the lucky finders.

Anyone who finds a rock can either re-hide it in any of our public areas or keep it but we’re encouraging finders of our special stones to use the hashtag #dudleyzoorocks and tag us in on social media. 

Rachel said: “It really was therapeutic painting the stones and they have become a great talking point in the zoo offices.

“I’ve already been out on site to hide them in places our visitors can access and hope they will make people smile if and when they are discovered.”

A treasure hunt has an age-old appeal and the painted-rock version has the added attraction of spending creative time with family and friends, of giving something back and spending time outdoors at places such as DZG.

Happy hunting and don’t forget – #dudleyzoorocks