DZG remembers Warren Clarke

We are saddened to learn of the death of actor, Warren Clarke, star of Dalziel and Pascoe, who filmed at DZG in 2004.


An episode of the popular detective series was filmed on site ten years ago, with some of DZG’s staff doubling as extras in the show.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown has fond memories of the week especially as he featured in the programme.


Richard, pictured above with Warren, said: “They filmed on site for ten days and I was an extra.

“We were filming on site up until midnight some nights, as they filmed night scenes, so we were all kept busy, but it was really interesting to see how it was all filmed and put together.


“Warren was a really lovely man, who was genuinely interested in the animals he met during the week and the work of the zoo.

“He even came back on site after filming for a private visit, where we took him to meet the tigers and show him the zoo behind the scenes.”

During filming Warren Clarke alongside Colin Buchanan and a 50-strong entourage transformed the site into ‘Latimers Zoo’ – a private collection of animals set around a castle.

Filming centred around the castle, tiger enclosure, giraffe and lemur houses and the Queen Mary was turned into the police incident room.