DZG poster prompts perfect day!

A Walsall mum and daughter turned Keepers for the Day after spotting a poster promoting the experience on an earlier visit to DZG.


webjackie_and_morgan_blowitt_2A sign advertising our keeper packages caught the eye of Jackie Blewitt and as a surprise her husband booked the day for her and daughter Morgan as birthday gifts.

Both Jackie and 16-year-old Morgan, pictured above and left, were thrilled with the experience and still can’t stop talking about it!

Jackie said: “It was so fantastic. Even now, neither of us can explain it properly and put into words how amazing it was.

“It was much, much better than either of us thought it could be and it was lovely to be able to share the experience.

“We loved the tapirs and giving the chimps a drink was fabulous.

“I would definitely recommend it, it was brilliant.”