DZG-inspired Xmas baubles

All creatures great and small are set for a special Christmas at DZG – including a ‘smiling’ frog that’s featured on a festive tree bauble in the zoo’s Discovery Centre.


The White’s tree frog, which originates from Australia, is a favourite with visitors to the education block, and can be seen on a Christmas ball decorated by volunteer, Laura Partridge.

Presenter, Caroline Howard, said: “Laura has designed a variety of zoo animal baubles which represent the diversity of the zoo collection.

“There are a few depicting firm favourites of the Discovery Centre, including Charlie the parrot, an African land snail and a salamander, as well as larger species such as tapirs, lions, and giraffes.”

She added: “She’s also designed a range featuring the DZG tiger logo, so if you’re visiting the Discovery Centre during the holidays make sure you take a look at our decorations.”