DZG fan raises the roof!

DZG’s tapirs have a new roof over their heads thanks to the generosity of member John Brabbins.


The 68-year-old from Wolverhampton, pictured above with Section Leader Jay Haywood, has kindly made donations over the last few years including this summer when he joined us as a Keeper for the Day – for the eighth time!

John, who has been visiting the zoo since childhood, also adopts Benji the orang utan and Florence the black lemur and comes on site most weeks.

He said: “I’ve always been very interested in how the animals are housed and their welfare and am delighted the donations have gone to this small project.

“I have just come to love this place and will be doing the keeper day again next year, for the ninth time.

“Each time I’ve done it, it’s been incredible and always a new experience as the animals behave differently and there’s always something I haven’t seen before.”


John’s kind-hearted gifts have gone a long way to fitting a new powder-coated green corrugated steel roof over the tapir house and the adjoining kitchen.

The new top has replaced the old felt roof which had deteriorated with the weather over time.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “We can’t thank John enough for his continued support over the years and for his very generous donations which have provided a long term solution for us.

“It means our tapir mum Meena, her partner Chico and their five-year-old son Ronnie are well protected from the elements.

“We are extremely lucky to have such loyal members and their continued interest in the zoo and the welfare of its animals is greatly appreciated.”

A huge thank you John for your constant support of DZG and our amazing animals