A partnership between DZG and Dudley College’s Evolve campus has led to a series of posters and web-based videos featuring some of the world’s rarest animals.

dzg-evolve_web   We asked media students to compile signage and footage showcasing our most endangered species for a competition highlighting conservation work and experiences at one of the country’s busiest zoos.   Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman said:?”This is the second year we have run the project with Evolve and, alongside the more usual images and graphics, we concentrated on a series of videos with a brief for film makers to provide promotional footage for our website highlighting experiences and species within the animal collection.”   She added: “Standards were high and it was a tough decision to decide on winners, but we are very pleased with the results and hope visitors to our website will enjoy the videos as well as the signage across the zoo site.”   Winning images from the photography and graphic design programme are displayed along Castle Hill opposite our bachelor group of Gelada baboons