DZG dedication!

A pair of animal lovers have fallen in love with DZG, taking part in a variety of animal experiences to celebrate their anniversary.

After being set up on a blind date 11 years-ago and bonding over their love of art, music and animals, Lara O’Toole and Lee Brookes, both aged 31, decided one year to mark their meeting with a trip to Dudley Zoo and loved it so much they’ve kept coming back!

And since 2017 the couple have treated each other to an animal experience and so far have met Taïga the snow leopard, Sumatran tiger, Daseep, they’ve trained Oba the Patagonian sealion and been kissed by Tanya and fed Sprout, Jazz, Jorong and Benji and Bornean orangutans and even heard a lion roar for the first time when they met Jetpur, our late male Asiatic lion.

Lara from Moseley, said: “They have been some of the best experiences we’ve had and it’s great to meet the amazing animals and get lots of detailed information from the keepers, especially about conservation efforts and really get to know all the cheeky characters of the animals we’ve met.”

And the animal meet and greets aren’t the only tradition the couple have started, as they also make sure their visit ends in the Safari Shop, where Lee, from West Bromwich, buys Lara a small cuddly toy of the animal they’ve met that day.

Lara added: “We also only own animal mugs, so a cuddly toy and a mug is the go to gift and the tote bags are so useful. It’s all for a good cause, we absolutely love it!”

And future plans include a chimp meet and greet, a tickle a tapir experience, a giraffe meet and greet, a Zoo Keeper for a day experience and they’d love to have their wedding reception here too!

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