DZG comes up trumps – again!

Dudley Zoo’s gorgeous snow leopard Taïga will be seen up and down the country – as her face features in a new exciting edition of Top Trumps.

Just a few months since we launched the DZG version of the classic card game, two-year-old Taïga stars on one of the 30 cards in the new Awesome Animals set.

And our 40-year-old Bornean orang Benji gets in on the act too – his wonderful face features on a special edition bonus card which is free from our shop and can be played in the new set.

Both editions are available from our Safari Shop priced £5.99 each – or for a special price of £10 for any two packs. And postage is free if you need us to pop them in the post!

DZG Retail Manager Isobel Blackwell, said: “We are delighted to be included in the Awesome Animals edition. It is wonderful that people playing the game all over the country will be talking about Dudley Zoo.

“Both games are great fun but will also help people pick up fascinating facts about animals. And with our special offer available on any two packs they should be quite a popular purchase.”

PICTURED ABOVE – Stardom is on the cards for Taïga and Benji

Dudley Zoo is one of nine top UK attractions included in the pack where players compare some of the world’s rarest animals according to their levels of cuteness, maximum weight and top speed.

The other organisations featured are Edinburgh Zoo, Chessington World of Adventures, Sea Life, Marwell Zoo, RSPB, Deep Sea World, Blue Planet Aquarium and Bristol Aquarium.

Call us on 01384 215313 if you want to add the Awesome Animals and DZG packs to your Top Trumps collection and we’ll send them your way!