DZG carpenters are high flyers!

DZG’s two volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko are flying high after seeing their handiwork put to the test in our daily birds of prey display.


The pair, pictured left, have built two wooden frames for the birds of prey display team to perch on during the midday shows in the Castle courtyard.

And one of the first to try out the frames was Kaiser, our African spotted eagle owl.

Geoff and Rob are also working on the wooden safety barriers used in the shows.

Geoff said: “Some of the wood has started to go rotten so we are in the process of replacing the damaged timber.

“While we were having a break from the barrier work it was lovely to see the birds of prey making good use of the frames.”



ABOVE: Test flight… African spotted eagle owl Kaiser puts the perch to the test