DZG calendar challenge

Calling all amateur wildlife photographers  . . . we’re launching a calendar competition and we need your help!

calendar_2013_snow_leopard_webHead of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “The challenge is to supply us with images of DZG’s amazing animals for our 2015 calendar.    “We’ve got a fantastic bunch of keen photographers who are members and regular visitors and their Facebook posts are just incredible; we had a request for a competition over the weekend from one of our season ticket holders and decided on the calendar as it gives everyone a fair chance to get to the zoo over the next six months.”   The entries will be judged by Express & Star Group Chief Photographer, TIm Thursfield.   Jill added: “I know 2015 seems a very long way off, but we’ll need the shots by late summer to compile the calendar and that means if anyone’s keen to get winter images they’ll have to be taken within the next few weeks.   “We’ve got some of the world’s rarest animals to choose from and as long as we get a balanced representation across the various sections – big cats, ungulates, reptiles, primates and birds – the choice is entirely yours and we’re really looking forward to seeing your work.”   * As with our previous calendars, images must be square and full colour.   * Deadline date for all images to be submitted is July 31, 2014.   * Entries to be sent to * Up to two entries per person.   * Image must be of species currently held within DZG’s collection.                      * Initial submissions for judging may be low-res, but winning entries must be supplied at 300dpi and measure 24cm x 24cm.