DZG attends BIAZA meet

Two senior keepers represented DZG at the annual BIAZA Mammal Working Group Conference.

Jodie Dryden and Sam Grove travelled to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the two-day event which included presentations covering a range of mammalian topics from training and enrichment to conservation and reproduction.

Jodie, who attended in her role as co-chair of the BIAZA Focus Group, said: “The conference was a great chance for all the different focus groups to come together as it includes trainee keepers to curators, who give talks on lots of different topics.

“These conferences are a great way to meet up with fellow keeping colleagues and we came away with quite a few contacts.”

As part of the event, Jodie also attended an evening conservation talk from 21st Century Tiger, in which DZG was highlighted for our fundraising Onesie Walks and the presentation even included photos of our very own Sumatran tiger, Joao.