DZG animals help woo valentines!

Every day is Valentine’s Day for our loved-up Humboldt penguins, who pair for life, so why not let them help woo your loved one this forthcoming February 14.

The flightless birds are monogamous and begin searching for a mate around two years-old, recognising each other through vocalisations. They also nest in the same boxes year-on-year, sharing egg-incubating duties and food-finding tasks when the chick is born.

Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks away and we’ve put together a limited edition double adoption package for sweethearts, Elliot and Scarlet – pictured above, which is available from just £40 and includes a photo of our penguin pair, a mini penguin cuddly toy, factsheet and a certificate.

Or how about keeping your romance in the pink by naming one of our Chilean flamingos, with 11 of the leggy lovelies still remaining nameless on their official zoo records.

This unique adoption, priced from £50, allows you to choose a special moniker, which will be added to the flamingo’s identification records and remain with them throughout their lifetime.

DZG Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “These two Valentine’s specials will certainly melt hearts and there’s even options to have a love note for your special someone installed at the animal enclosures. Plus, all purchases support DZG’s conservation programmes and make huge differences to endangered animals across the globe.

Find out more about our animal adoptions by CLICKING HERE.