DZG’s top animal experience!

London couple Andrew Madigan and Steph Burnage are no strangers to being zookeepers for the day – and rated their experience at Dudley as one of the best!

The creature-loving couple, pictured right, have taken part in a staggering 16 animal experiences across the UK and aboard – including London, Chessington, Mexico and Georgia in the USA.

Andrew said: “We had a really amazing day and we both agreed it was the best one we’ve ever done.

“We’ve done about eight zookeeper experiences in this country and about the same number abroad but our day at Dudley allowed us to have much more interaction with the animals.

“The keepers were so friendly and so enthusiastic about the animals in their sections and we especially loved feeding the snow leopards and meeting the little orang, Sprout.

“We are already planning to come back again. It was so interesting and informative.”

Andrew bought the experience as a gift for Steph’s 28th birthday and we look forward to seeing them again at DZG!