DZG’s double birthday celebration

Sumatran tiger Joao and Bactrian camel Jimandi are in for some special treats today to mark their birthdays.

Handsome Joao, pictured above, is three today and received bags of birthday goodies from Senior Keeper Sarah Evans.

She said: “Joao was very interested in his birthday delivery but did share some of the treats with Daseep. I’m sure the birthday boy will be getting lots of visitors today.”

And Jimandi, known as Mandi, is celebrating her 5th birthday with an extra serving of camel mix in the shape of a number 5.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis, pictured with the birthday girl, said: “Mandi enjoyed having a special treat and liked the extra attention.”

Mandi shared her treat with her companion Charles, who is also five.

Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Joao and Mandi if you’re on site today.