DZG’s 1,500 new animals!

One hundred giraffes and 200 owls are among 1,500 new arrivals… as soft toys in our Tecton Safari Shop!

Retail Manager, Isobel Blackwell (pictured), has just taken stock of an adorable new collection of cuddly creatures, which all have DZG branded labels.

They include pandas, black bears, penguins, lions, ring-tailed lemurs, owls, crocodiles, tigers, red pandas, snow leopards, giraffes, meerkats and orang-utans!

The small soft toys – on sale for £3.99 each or three for £10 – are the first branded cuddly toys to make their way on to our shop shelves and larger ones are due in soon.

Isobel, showing off some of the new arrivals on the right, said: “Last year we sold more than 25,000 individual soft toys so we expect these new souvenir editions to go down very well.”

Why not pop in the shop to see the whole cute new range for yourselves?