D’ya know where he is, yet?

Red-necked wallaby, Adelaide, couldn’t believe her eyes when her young joey decided to leave home  . . .


The cheeky youngster leapt out of his mum’s pouch and headed straight into the pouch of a fellow female in the group  – already occupied by a baby!   Keeper, Jo Turner, explained: “I was working in the wallaby paddock when I suddenly noticed Adelaide’s joey had disappeared from her pouch.    “I was just about to raise the alarm among members of staff when I saw two tiny heads popping out of another mum’s pouch and realised what had happened.   “Kora’s joey was sharing with Adelaide’s youngster who had just leapt out of his mum’s pouch and moved in with his new friend.”   She added: “It was the funniest thing to watch and once Adelaide saw where he was she wasn’t too bothered.  

dzg_wallaby-joeys“They’ve done it several times since then, but the babies are always in their rightful pouches when it’s bedtime, so we’re not worried about them.”