Duckling rescue


Nine newborn ducklings are settling into a new home on the farm after being rescued on site by keepers.

Bird staff were notified of a mother duck and her babies spotted wandering by the tiger Tecton enclosure.

Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “The ducklings were only a few days old, so must have hatched nearby. We were quite worried that if we left them they may have wandered into one of the big cat enclosures, or they’d have been targeted by seagulls, crows or even foxes.

“And as they were so young they wouldn’t have been able to fly away from danger.

“We managed to catch all the babies, but unfortunately the female flew away, so we took them down to the farm where they have joined some other ducklings which we found in the sealion enclosure a few weeks ago.”

Pictured right: Bird Keepers, Luke Millar and Becky Bowdley quickly move the ducklings away from danger.