From drug house to bug house!

Insects at DZG are benefitting from hundreds of bamboo canes seized from cannabis factories across the West Midlands.

Bamboo canes from cannabis factories for bug hotels

West Midlands Police’s Cannabis Disposal Team spotted our plea for garden canes to build more bug houses across the 40-acre site and generously donated two huge bundles, which will soon be turned into new homes for our tiniest residents.

DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson, pictured above, said: “We’re very grateful to West Midlands Police for thinking of us.

“The hollow stems of bamboo canes are ideal shelters for insects and provide somewhere safe for them to hibernate in over the winter.

“Thanks to the donation by the Cannabis Disposal Team and to the other individual gardeners who gave us their unwanted canes over the last few weeks we can now provide more bug hotels for the thousands of insect species living across our zoo site and give them a safe haven for the coming colder months.”

And there are plenty to protect with more than 24,000 species of insect in the United Kingdom alone.

They’re also the most diverse and ecologically important group of animals, as they eat pests, pollinate plants and attract other wildlife like birds.

West Midlands Police Cannabis Disposal Team member, Lee Wilkins, said: “We regularly donate soil and garden equipment that has been seized from illegal cannabis farms to local charities and projects.

“We get a great deal of satisfaction donating seized equipment back to the community.

“As soon as we noticed the appeal on the Dudley Zoo Twitter feed for bamboo canes we were more than happy to donate to the bug hotel.

“We hope the visitors to Dudley Zoo enjoy the bug hotel as much as the bugs will!”