Dotto’s busy season

DZG’s land train has had a busy season transporting more than half of all visitors from the Tecton entrance to Dudley Castle at the heart of the gardens.


During August we welcomed 55,000 visitors through the turnstiles and 55 per cent of those used the quirky 2.5 litre diesel Dotto locomotive to travel up and down the winding zoo pathways.

Media and Communications Officer, Rachel Hickman said: “Train drivers record the daily number of journeys and passengers using a clicker system so we can keep track of how many people use it and on one particular busy Saturday we discovered Dotto completed 60 journeys and carried 1,627 visitors!”

Regular inspections by DZG’s maintenance team ensure Dotto is fit for the site’s steep hills and the train remains as popular today as it has been since its first trip back in 1988.

Rachel added: “The red locomotive is a welcome relief to many visitors, especially families with buggies and young children, as it transports them from the entrance to the heart of the zoological gardens in minutes, passing some of the world’s rarest animals along the way and is another unique feature to DZG!”

Made in Italy the vehicle can carry up to 40 children or 30 adults for each journey. 

Maintenance worker Malcolm Clements gives Dotto the all clear during its annual inspection.