Donation keeps primates snug


A generous Droitwich company is helping keep DZG’s primates snug and warm this autumn.

Wood Wool UK has donated ten packs of wood wool, which is an eco-friendly and biodegradable soft bedding loved by DZG’s primates – including our chimpanzees, baboons and Bornean orang family. 

Curator Matt Lewis, said: “Wood Wool UK has been supplying DZG with animal bedding for over 50 years and whenever they hear we’ve had a new primate baby they always send over some extra products to celebrate the birth.”

The bedding, unlike straw, is free from dust and is ideal for animal use as it stops the spread of disease.

Matt added: “We’re very grateful to Wood Wool UK for thinking of us again this year following the birth of our Gelada baboon baby, Billie and I know our primates will be very appreciative of their thoughtfulness.”

Wood Wool UK proprietor, Jonathan Pardoe, said: “We like to donate to zoos when they’ve had a special birth and it’s something we’ve done for many years and it gives us a lot of pleasure. It’s our way of helping endangered primates.”

As well as animal bedding, wood wool can also be found as the filling in luxury food hampers including Fortnum and Mason.


Pictured top, Lower Primates Section Leader, Nicola Wright, with some of the donated Wood Wool, which was sent to DZG after Wood Wool UK heard the news about our baby Gelada baboon, Billie, above.