Donation funds meerkat project

DZG’s meerkat enclosure is set for a revamp following an anonymous £1,000 donation.


Keepers were delighted to receive the cheque, addressed to Aleksandr the meerkat and are planning to use the money to build a new internal den for the 14-strong mob, outside the perimeter of the Tecton enclosure, with a tunnel system and viewing window so visitors can see them inside.

Senior Curator, Derek Grove, pictured above, said: “We are very grateful for this very generous donation and want to say a huge thank you to whoever sent it in.

“As the letter came addressed to one of our meerkats, we knew we had to spend the money in their enclosure.”

DZG’s development team are hoping to spend the money on a large timber house situated adjacent to the Reptile House, which the meerkats can access from a tunnel from their current enclosure.

The new heated internal den, to replace their current smaller one, will include a polycarbonate roof to allow in lots of light, a desert-like interior with rocks and sand and a large viewing window where visitors will be able to spot the meerkats whatever the weather.

Derek added: “Our meerkats are one of the most popular animals on the zoo and we wanted to make sure whoever donated this money saw that it was going to be used on a project which will really benefit them.

“This will give them a larger indoor habitat as well as extra space outside their current Tecton enclosure.

“We are very lucky to have visitors who take a keen interest in helping our animal projects and hopeful our mystery donor will visit us soon and see how their money has been spent. “