Documenting nature!

Today is the start of the 2022 City Nature Challenge, a four-day challenge to document as much local nature as possible!

Between April 29 – May 2, we’re encouraging visitors to grab your phones, download the iNaturalist app and snap away at the native wildlife on our doorstep, including insects, birds and plants.

Here at DZC we’re joining the worldwide challenge as part of Birmingham and Black Country, which last year came first in the UK and fourth in Europe and we’re hoping as many of you as possible will join us again this year as we once again aim for the top spot.

It’s really easy to take part and great fun for all ages!

Once you’ve snapped away, upload the picture to the app, with what you think it is and its location. Your entry will be recorded and reviewed by a specialist, who will confirm its correct identity.

Plus, if you’re visiting the zoo over the weekend and upload any entries from our 40-acre site, we’re also competing against other BIAZA collections… and we’re currently in the lead!

Find out more here:

And let us know what you discover!