Key Stage 2 Sessions

For pupils in years 3, 4, 5 and 6

At Dudley Zoo our KS2 Sessions are underpinned by the National Curriculum Programmes of Study 2013 for all subjects.


The prices below include both zoo admission and the cost of the session.


Animal Movement

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Learn why and how animals move using their muscles and skeletons. This session involves using skeletons, looking at live animals, and helps your children understand the concepts by relating animal movements to human movement by getting up and moving around themselves.


Nutrition and Food Chains

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session concentrates on animal food chains including herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and how all these link together. Your children will get the opportunity to touch real animals, create food chains themselves and even see real predator teeth!


Let’s Classify

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session will familiarise children with the common names and features of animal groups including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammal and invertebrates, including those that are kept as pets. Using our simple classification key, we will figure out which animal belongs to which group.


Habitats and Adaptations

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Learn how different animals are suited to live in contrasting habitats.  Discover the world’s diverse habitats and the animals that live in them.  This will allow your children to understand how animals adapt to survive and thrive! Each habitat discussed will include an animal they can meet.


Teeth and Feeding

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session is based on the concept that different animals eat different things, and we can categorise them accordingly. All animals have teeth adapted to their diet whether that is meat or vegetables or insects. So this session looks at a variety of animal teeth up close and discusses how they help the animal eat.



50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session introduces the concept of growth in animals including humans. Your children will learn how humans and animals have different life stages, and get to meet some of the animals we have looked at.


Evolution and Inheritance

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session is designed to help support classroom learning about Evolution and Inheritance. It will help the children recognise how living things have changed over time and that they have offspring that are similar, but not identical. We will also look at how animals and plants are adapted to suit their habitats and how this may lead to evolution.



50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Find out about the rainforests around the world, where they are, who they are home to, why they are important, what is destroying them, and how we can help to protect them. Learn about the different layers of the rainforest, what it is like there and meet an animal from each layer of the rainforest.



50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

In this session, your children will be able to see what animals live in Africa and understand some of the different habitats around the continent. They will also uncover Africa’s most deadly animal, and get to meet some of the real life inhabitants and biofacts including a hippo skull and you will even get the chance to see a Meerkat feed.



50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Learn about the iceworld habitats around the world and their inhabitants. The children will be able to learn what animals live there, where the iceworlds are and how the animals can live in these harsh environments. The children will be able to meet different animals, biofacts including Polar Bear fur, and a Penguin egg and end the session visiting our colony of penguins.


Maths at the Zoo

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Practical application of maths in a real world setting…visit Dudley Zoo and learn how we use maths to help us look after the animals! This session will include weighing food, water and animals, as well how we calculate gestation, and monitor our animal numbers.


Night and Day

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

In this session it will allow your children to understand why some animals come out at night and others during the day. It will help explain to your children what senses these animals use to survive and even give them the chance to meet some of these animals up close.


Art and Architecture at the Zoo

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Learn about great designers that have links to the zoo and have made Dudley Zoo one of the most iconic zoos due to its unique and outstanding architecture.


KS2 Extras


Creature Feature

20-30 minutes – £7.50 per child

Not studying a particular topic at school but still want to get hands on with a variety of our smaller friendly animals, then this session is the one for you. Your children will get to meet some of our smaller, friendly animals such as invertebrates, reptiles and mammals.


Zoo Tour

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

Accompany one of our Education Presenters as they take you on a tour around part of the zoo, get to learn some fascinating things about our animals as well as getting the opportunity to ask questions regarding the species
that you see.


NEW Go Wild! Discovery Tour

50-60 minutes – £9.50 per child

This interactive tour includes a visit to Lorikeet Lookout where your children can feed these colourful birds. Heading up the Snail Trail your children are encouraged to look out for lions, lemurs, hunting dogs and sea lions on their way. There will also be the opportunity to meet some of the Zoo’s smaller animals in the Discovery Centre and see our meekats being fed.


KS2 History


Horrible History

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session will be delivered by a costumed guide in our castle undercroft, including an animal encounter. Your children will learn about the history of Dudley Castle, what life would have been like and get to meet some of the animals that you would have lived along side.


Castle Tour

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This session provides a unique glimpse at Dudley Castle through time, discovering it’s rich history, construction and use through the ages.


Ghost Walk

50-60 minutes –  £8.50 per child

This tour will give your children an opportunity to explore the fourth most haunted castle in Britain. With over 400 ghosts and spirits on site your children will hear some of the most famous ghost stories, whilst also finding out about it’s turbulent history!


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