Castle History Activities

Welcome to Squire School!
Lord Dudley has set you some challenges for you
to complete and if you complete
each challenge
you will become a knight of Dudley
so what are you waiting for, get stuck in
and have a go!

Here’s your first Challenge:-

Castle Jobs Quiz

Did you find the Castle Jobs Quiz easy ? Don’t worry, if you didn’t have all the answers, as we’ll share them with you later….on to your next challenge!

The Armour Challenge

Why not try solving a Riddle next?

                                                               The Horses Riddle

On to the fourth challenge – can you find all the weapons hidden in our word search?

Weapon word search

Our final Challenge is here, another Quiz to find out what you know about Castle Architecture!

Castle Architecture Quiz


You’ve completed our Castle Challenge – Lord Dudley would be so impressed!
You are now a Knight of Dudley Castle.


And for anyone that needed a little help, here’s the answers!

Castle Jobs Quiz Answers

The Armour Challenge Answers

The Horses Riddle Answers

Weapon Word search Answers

Castle Architecture Quiz Answers