Here at DZC we are building upon our commitments as a 21st century zoo with the launch of a new conservation strategy, which is a five-year roadmap outlining the necessary steps to achieve a series of ambitious conservation projects, helping to protect the world’s rarest animals.

Through our new strategy we hope to……..

INSPIRE – by connecting our 300,000 annual visitors to the natural world as well as highlighting native habitats and species.

EMPOWER – by enabling staff and visitors to act positively and make a change for nature and conservation.

PROTECT – by supporting conservation locally and internationally through facilitation, partnerships, action and leading by example.

We will achieve this through six strategy goals

  • Conservation Partnership (P)
  • Breeding Healthy Populations (I)
  • Conservation-Based Research (E)
  • Education & Behaviour Change (I) (E)
  • Staff Development (E)
  • Sustainable Practise (P)

And we’ve already got to work…

We’ve created new and exciting education activities and workshops for the 18,000 learners that attend each year on school visits, as well as strengthening our partnership with local colleges and universities and we’re in the planning stage for a new visitor engagement and education centre which will enable us to welcome more learners on site.

Our native species management plan is currently in development, which will help ensure our site is the best possible home for native wildlife.

And we’re ever-growing our contributions to overseas conservation projects who are helping create a sustainable future for wildlife in their native areas.

Last year alone was the largest financial commitment to field conservation we’ve ever made, donating around £40,000 to in-situ projects across the globe.

So where in the world are we supporting…

Click here to view Dudley Zoo & Castle’s Conservation Strategy.