Discover DZG this summer!

Learn all about lynx, lemurs and gibbons in new summer season talks.

We’ve launched our daily holiday schedule, with informative talks and feeds running throughout the day between 11.30am and 3.30pm.

And for the first time, we’ve included a lynx talk into our packed programme, allowing visitors to learn all about out three Carpathian lynx – Daisy, Dave and Dakota and a lemur talk about our cheeky Madagascan prosimians.

The lynx talk will take place at 1pm at their enclosure – opposite the giraffe paddock, while the lemur talk will run at 2.30pm in Lemur Wood.

We’ll also be putting our lar gibbon family back in the spotlight at 12pm each day, as we re-introduce their talk for the holidays at their enclosure adjacent to the sea lion pool.

Discover DZG this summer…

11.30am                  Go Wild! Encounter in the Go Wild! Theatre
12pm                       Bird of Prey Display in the Castle Courtyard
12pm                       Gibbon talk
12-12.45pm          Meet the farm animals
12.15pm                 Sea lion talk and feed
12.30pm                 Otter talk and feed
12.45pm                 Giraffe talk and feed
1pm                           Lynx talk
1.15pm                    Tiger talk
2.15pm                    Go Wild! Encounter in the Go Wild! Theatre
2.15-4.30pm         Meet the farm animals
2.30pm                    Lemur talk
2.45pm                    Sea lion talk and feed
3pm                           Penguin talk and feed
3.15pm                    Meet a chimp keeper
3.30pm                    Ghost and history walk from the castle courtyard
3.30pm                    Meet a creature in the Go Wild! Theatre.