Delighted by daily deliveries

Generous donations are arriving daily at DZG – just a week after we launched a wish list to help us care for our animal collection.

Head of Lower Primates Nicola Wright, who set up the zoo’s Amazon wish list, has been delighted by the response and kindness of our supporters.


ABOVE – Section Leader Nicola Wright gets to work with a donated socket set to make a hammock for our chimps’ indoor area as Binti, Mali and Barbie look on

Already, in just seven days, we’ve had a pile of practical presents which can be used to provide enrichment for a whole range of exotic and endangered creatures.

Items received so far include a smoothie maker, socket set, hot water bottle, packs of herb seeds, aromatherapy oils, tissue paper and a set of carabiner clips.

She said: “We were very excited to see some of the enrichment items arriving at the zoo. I’ve already used the socket set to build a hammock for the chimps and everything we receive will be utilised to maintain and improve the welfare of our animals.

“Something from the list arrived every day last week which was amazing and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported this new channel so far.”

The list was launched last Monday offering donors a choice of useful items which can be purchased online and delivered directly to our Castle Hill site.

Items on the list start at around £1 and people can select goods which will benefit their favourite kinds of animals as there are descriptions of what the products would be used for.

For example the smoothie maker will make smoothies and iced treats for our chimps and tissue paper will be a new texture for our orangs and other primates to discover.

Our gardening team will grow the herbs to give several animals a healthy diet and hot water bottles are great comfort if any creatures are unwell.

The full Dudley Zoo wish list is available by CLICKING HERE or searching for Dudley Zoo in the wish list section on Amazon’s UK homepage.