Davy does it again!

Kingswinford painter, Davy Turner, has used his talents to decorate the indoor viewing den of our breeding group of Gelada baboons.

Davy, who has volunteered his time to DZG over the last few months, has been painting colourful murals in a number of animal dens across site featuring the species’ natural habitat.

The gelada den mural which depicts a mountain range with grasslands and trees, is the fourth den he’s painted and follows work in the reindeer, macaque and meerkat dens.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “We’re very grateful to Davy for giving up his time to help us.

“His artwork has made a real difference to the dens and also gives visitors a good impression of the types of habitats the animals would live in out in the wild.”

And to celebrate their new-look home, the six geladas enjoyed an indoor browse party thrown by keepers, who added their favourite branches into the den for them to munch on!

See our geladas explore their new home in the short video below…