Date with the paranormal

Thrill-seekers have just a few more days to snap up the last few tickets for our special Paranormal Evening at Dudley Castle.

Hosted by spiritualist medium Craig Morris, the event takes place in the Castle grounds this Saturday from 8pm until 2am and includes a ghost tour, vigils, glass divination and table tipping.

There is also a demonstration and Q&A session with Craig, one of the UK’s younger up-and-coming mediums, who believes we can communicate with our loved ones on the other side.

DZG Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “We have a few places still available for what promises to be an exciting evening for believers and sceptics alike.

“There is a real possibility of experiencing genuine paranormal activity so it could be a very memorable event!”

Tea and coffee will be provided and people are welcome to bring their own battery operated paranormal equipment with them if they wish.

The event is open to over 18s and tickets, priced £40 each, are limited. To reserve your place call us on 01384 215313 or to book online CLICK HERE