Daseep’s German visitors

There was a special Easter surprise for Sumatran tigress, Daseep, when three of her former keepers from Wuppertal Zoo, in Germany, called to say hello.

Nadine, Katrin, Jani and her 11-year-old daughter, Jana, spent a couple of hours with Daseep and chatted to Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, about her progress since their last visit a year ago.   dzg_german_easter_visit_promo  

Tiger talk: (from left) Assistant Curator Richard Brown with Nadine, Janis, Jana, Katrin and Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman 

Richard said: “It was good to see them again and Daseep absolutely loved it when they went to visit her in the off-show area.

“During their trip to the UK they also visited Tschuna, in Yorkshire, and were pleased that we now have our lovely male, Joao, as a a mate for Daseep.”