Darren’s DZG day


Animal loving Darren Hayward, went home with 160 photographs of some of the world’s rarest animals following his keeper day out at DZG.

Darren, from Willenhall, was treated to the unique experience for his birthday by his fiancée, when he joined keepers in helping care for a diverse range of animals, from big cats, penguins and lemurs, to orang utans, tapirs and chimps.

Darren said: “The day was all fantastic and I can’t really choose a favourite part, although I enjoyed feeding the tigers and giving the chimps some tea.

“If I did have to choose something it would probably getting the opportunity to lie down with the tapirs, as I really liked how close you could get to them and they really enjoyed the contact.

“Thank you to all the keepers who I worked with. I was able to take lots of really good photos, in fact I actually took 160 pictures on the day, that’s how much I enjoyed it.”


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