Daisy moo-ves off site!

Our much-loved model cow, Daisy, has moo-ved off site for a spruce up, as part of our £90,000 farm redevelopment.

Contractors have now demolished the old barn before starting work on its larger replacement.

As part of the revamp, the popular model milking cow, which has been showing signs of wear and tear has gone off to Cradley Heath for repair and a repaint, but will soon be back taking pride of place in the new-look farmyard.

Zoo Manager, Matt Lewis, said: “The farm work is progressing well and is on schedule.

“The old barn has been demolished and the ground work is pretty much done before we start work on the foundations and begin building the new barn next week.

“Daisy will be returned to the farm, either back outside or we’ll create a brand new area for her indoors as she’s a popular feature with our young visitors.”