Dad and daughter day!


A dad and daughter from Nottingham had an amazing experience when they became Keepers For a Day at DZG.

Richard Fletcher and his 15-year-old daughter, Annie Croft, worked alongside keepers and met some very special animals including Sumatran tigers, Madagascan lemurs and Humboldt penguins.

Richard said: “It was an absolutely brilliant day and probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life and of Annie’s too.

“I knew Annie wanted to get me a zoo keeping experience for my 50th birthday, but I knew it was something she would love to do as well, so I booked it up as a surprise for her Christmas present so that we could do it together.”

During the day the pair rotated animals sections, working with keepers from Ungulates, Birds, Upper and Lower Primates.

Richard added: “To see the animals so close up and to get to feed and touch some of them was incredible and something that neither of us will ever forget.

“Annie loved the lemurs and the tigers and she found it really funny that she was able to roll around with the tapirs. I thought feeding the tiger was fantastic and to be so close to her was just amazing.

“The keepers were also a credit to the zoo and were enthusiastic and their knowledge and love of the animals totally shone through.

“We would both highly recommend this experience – it was worth every single penny!”

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