Cutout capers!

Cutouts of some of DZG’s animal collection have proved to be extremely popular with summer holiday visitors.

dzg_cutout_signs_3Thousands of visitors, old and young alike, have been busy snapping funny photos of friends and relatives as they put their face through the cardboard cutouts and instantly transform themselves into DZG’s cheeky lemurs, mischievous meerkats or playful gibbons.

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “The cutouts have proved to be a great hit with visitors wanting to get a funny family photograph from their day out at DZG.

“If YOU have one, why not post it on our Facebook page for us all to see?”








Pictured above, Aiden Leight, has a giggle at seeing Amy and Kelly Leight, all from Kingswinford, turn into meerkats.


Harry and Eliza Lewis, from Dudley, pictured left, try out the lemur cut-out for size.