Curator joins conference

Senior Curator Derek Grove joined more than 600 delegates from collections across Europe for the annual EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) conference, which this year was hosted by Alpen Zoo, near Innsbruck, in Austria.


The six-day programme saw a busy diary of more than 70 events which included TAG (Taxon Advisory Group) meetings, open committee sessions and workshops allowing delegates the opportunity to share information.

The Prosimian TAG included an open meeting and a closed event reserved for core members of the group.

During the open meeting delegates learned of TAG activities during the past year, along with a brief summary of Annual Reports from EEPs (European Endangered Species Programme) and ESBs (European Studbook). There were also presentations about in situ conservation projects and a report on the recent assessment of Red List categorisation for Madagascan prosimians.  

The closed meeting used data from the Red List to help review the Regional Collection Plan and discussions continued regarding co-operation with Madagascan authorities and non-governmental organisations.   The trip culminated in a tour of Alpen Zoo.