Crafty keepers for Binti’s birthday!

Lower Primate Keepers got crafty to celebrate chimpanzee, Binti’s 27th birthday.

Staff devised an exciting enrichment device for the group, which all seven chimp girls could use at the same time, using ply wood, plastic bottles and a few tasty treats!

Senior Keeper, Jodie Dryden, said: “I made holes in a piece of plywood to fit different sized bottles, which I then filled with different foods, including natural yoghurt, raisins, juice, marmalade, seeds and baby food.

“The chimps could only see the holes from their side, which meant they needed to discover the goodies for themselves and find a way to get them out, but we gave them small sticks and brightly coloured straws which meant they could fish out the food.”

And the gift was a huge hit, with the girls spending over two hours playing with it.

Jodie said: “It was big enough that the group could use it together without squabbling and they all enjoyed it, but it was great to see birthday girl, Binti, enjoying it the most as she positioned herself in front of the natural yoghurt bottle and she didn’t leave until it was completely empty.

Watch Jodie’s video of the birthday enrichment below!