Cowell lookalike adopts penguin

Anything Simon Cowell can do his lookalike does better . . .

js_simon_cowell_zoo8So when the real SC adopted a penguin at London Zoo celeb doppelganger Andy Monk contacted Dudley Zoological Gardens to p.p.pick up his very own package – a three-year-old Humboldt aptly named Simon!

Andy said: “I was really excited and couldn’t wait to meet the penguin. I haven’t told Simon Cowell what I’ve done yet, but he’ll just laugh when he finds out.’

The penguin adoption was the brainchild of Andy’s girlfriend, Rose Cook, who lives in Dudley.   She said: “Andy is very fond of penguins, just like Simon Cowell, and when he found out that DZG has the UK’s largest parent-reared colony with more than 70 Humboldts in Penguin Bay, he couldn’t wait to adopt.”   DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Andy really looks like Simon; it was quite surreal when he came on site for the adoption.   “Thankfully, Simon the Humboldt Penguin is coping well with his 15 minutes of fame.”  


CAPTION: Simon Cowell lookalike Andy Monk with DZG Head of Birds, Kellie Piper, and his adopted penguin Simon – centre front.