Cosy crocs!

DZG’s two West African dwarf crocodiles are set for a cosy winter after having a new insulated roof fitted on their enclosure.

unspecified-2 Contractors replaced the panels over the two Reptile House pools to ensure more heat is kept indoors for Danzo and Candice.

Senior Keeper, Sam Grove, said: “The work was carried out one enclosure at a time and we had to relocate both crocodiles into the adjacent pool while it was being done.

“This also gave us the opportunity to give both enclosures a refurb and we’ve painted the walls, cut back plants, added new ones and carried out repairs on the waterfall.dwarf-crocodile-photo

“We also raised the pool in the one enclosure to allow for a deeper substrate on the breeding area, which will provide Candice with an improved area to nest in.”

Danzo, aged 22 and Candice, aged 26, were paired earlier this year as part of a European breeding programme.