Cosy croc nest

What can you make with tapir poo and a pile of crushed leaves? A cosy nest for mating crocs, of course!

croc_nestWest African Dwarf crocodiles, Danzo and Janet were paired a few months ago and keepers are lending a helping hand in supplying nesting materials by placing tapir poo mixed with crushed leaves to the sides of their Reptile House pool, so they can build a nest when the time comes to lay eggs.

Keeper Ian Kirk, said: “Fifteen-year-old Danzo and 12-year-old Janet have been getting on really well since we introduced them a few months ago, which is why we’ve decided to provide them with extra nesting material.

“In the wild females would typically build a nest out of rotting vegetation, near the water’s edge, but tapir poo and leaves will do the same job at incubating the eggs at a steady warm temperature – and we’ve got plenty available down in the South American paddock if we need to top up the piles.

“All we can do now is wait and watch to see what happens.”

Female West African Dwarf crocodiles breed once a year and can lay up to 20 eggs, which hatch between 85 – 105 days.

Pictured above: West African Dwarf croc, Janet, tries out the tapir poo nest for size.