Cooling chimp treats

Our seven chimpanzee girls enjoyed a cooling frozen treat in the warm weather.

In celebration of Fanny’s 43rd birthday yesterday, keepers filled bamboo canes with natural yoghurt, which they then popped in the freezer.

Lower Primates Keeper, Jodie Dryden, said: “It was really interested to see three different reactions to the chimp-friendly ice lollies.

“Some of them, like Mandy who’s pictured below, were impatient and stripped it  straight away to get to the icy treat inside.

“Some waited until the yoghurt started to melt and drip out the bottom, which they were then able to lick, while Malaika, found a small stick and used it like a spoon to try and scoop the yoghurt out.”

Keepers use a variety of ways to keep our exotic animal collection cool when the sun’s out.

As well as freezing favourite foods, staff also make sure water bowls are continually topped up with icy water straight from the zoo’s underground well, while some species, like our Brazilian tapirs, pygmy goats and reindeer, are protected with layers of suncream.