Cool in the pool!

A ‘Spanish Plume’ of hot and humid air has sent temperatures rising over the last few days – and sent our Brazilian tapirs into cool waters.

The plume, which pushed the mercury up to 25°C in Dudley over the weekend, saw 13-year-old Meena, her 13-year old partner Chico and their five-year-old son Ronnie all head for their pool.


ABOVE: Mum Meena keeps cool in the pool. Thanks to member Sarah Holt for the marvellous snap

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “Over the last few days the temperatures have soared and all the tapir family members headed into the water to keep cool.

“Ronnie, Meena and Chico have all taken full advantage of their pool during the Spanish Plume.

“Thanks so much to member Sarah Holt for this wonderful picture of Meena keeping cool in the pool.”

A Spanish Plume is colloquial term for a weather situation in which a large southwards dip in the high altitude jet stream develops to the west of Europe encouraging a deep southerly wind flow. This drives hot and humid air from Iberia north and northeast into northern Europe, including the British Isles. It brought heat, flash floods and heavy thunderstorms to the UK as it carried hot, unstable air from France.