Conservation comes to life

DZG staff and visitors heard all about the vital conservation work being undertaken for the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur in Madagascar during a special presentation.

DZG AEECL visitWe’re three years into a five-year pledge to support the Lemur Conservation Association AEECL, which is helping secure a future for lemurs in the wild through a successful education scheme and we were delighted to welcome Programme Director, Guy Randriatahina, to DZG to hear firsthand about the project.

DZG AEECL2Curator Richard Brown, said: “It was great to hear how well the programme is doing and Guy gave a really informative presentation.

“DZG is one of 33 European zoos who are supporting the project which has ensured the creation of protected reserves and provided villagers with wells for clean water and schools to educate children.

“We’re proud to support the project by funding nine primary school teachers in these schools to help Malagasy people learn how to protect their local habitats which in turn is conserving the lemur species.

“This money is raised through our zoo admission costs so DZG supporters should be proud that by visiting us they’re also helping make a difference to conservation programmes around the world.”

For more information about the organisation CLICK HERE.